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Download and play for free our printable logic grid puzzles (PDF). The files are grouped by difficulty (very easy, easy and medium) and are a great activity for all ages. They are also available to play online. Appearance of organic life out of inorganic life or of the origins of the human form, language and human history. It is to Hegel’s credit that he did not try to resolve the problem of what he knew little about by appeal-ing to what noone knew absolutely anything about. He relied almost - entirely on the intelligibility of human life.

We need to know the best way to live our lives. But it’s hard to know, when we haven’t resolved the Deep Mysteries of life and death. Science can’t help, because these are metaphysical issues, and out of reach of the scientific method. Religion doesn’t help, either. Download the office season 2. It pretends to help, but then sends us down disappointing paths.

But logic can be our savior. We can apply logic to the Deep Mysteries of the here and herafter, and resolve these mysteries in a way that makes sense. We can discover the best way to live, based upon what I call, Logical and Practical Assumption.

Follow me down a series of logical steps, as I help you find answers to the deep, metaphysical questions of mind and soul. And then feel confident in the way you choose to live your life, through The Logic of Life and Death.

Excerpts from The Logic of Life and Death:

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. . . It’s hard to know how to direct your life when you’re unsure how to answer questions like, “What is life? How does your mind work? Is there life after death? What is the other side like?”

The key to knowing how to direct your life lies in knowing how to answer the deep metaphysical questions about it. This is why there are so many religions in our world. People use these institutions to help them resolve the Deep Mysteries. They know that by resolving these mysteries they’ll find guidance on how to live their lives.

Religious leaders often provide answers by using an air of authority, an appeal to faith, and a reference to perdition. None of these answers use the scientific method to establish proof. And careful analysis almost always reveals inconsistencies in their logic.


In fact the realm of the metaphysical is unknowable to us humans. Not even the most sophisticated science can penetrate its veil. No one can reliably guarantee that their answers to the Deep Mysteries are accurate.

So if these answers are unknowable, how do you find the guidance you need for how to live your life?

I believe the best approach available is to resolve the Deep Mysteries using logic. Logic by itself cannot prove anything scientifically. But it can provide a multitude of answers that make sense and that are consistent with each other.

The more sense they make, and the more consistent they are, the more capable you are of figuring out how to live your life.

So I explore the Deep Mysteries of life and death utilizing logic. My purpose is to provide you with carefully thought out and carefully analyzed answers to matters metaphysical.

Then it will be up to you to believe my answers or not. I present them in a manner intended to make sense, and intended to give you the guidance you need, to know how to live your life.

But I don’t tell you specifically how to live. My advice is kept very general, respecting your autonomy, and recognizing that you know much better than me what is best for you.

. . . Don’t you really get ticked off when someone tells you how to live your life? And consider how many fights have developed between two people when one has tried to control the life of the other in some way.

The Logic Of Life Pdf Free Download Online

Politics and government, and all the disputes that accompany them, are entirely based on people telling people how they should live their lives. And every war that has ever been fought began when one country tried to tell another country what to do. Telling others how to live their lives can lead to rankled emotions, strained relations, and even violence.

This is because we all have a powerful need for autonomy—to exercise our innate freedom to live our own lives as we choose. We as individuals know best how to make ourselves happy. And so we defend our personal freedom with zeal.

I value individual freedom. So the purpose of this book is not to ask you to surrender your autonomy or lock you into one specific way for living your life. Instead I’m going to give you advice that is limited to broad general suggestions.

I’m just going to tell you how life and death work (according to my logic), and suggest some very general methods you can employ to make life and death work better for you. Then you’ll make your decision whether or not to believe me. And even if you do believe me, I will have no specific prescriptions for how you should act on your newfound beliefs. I’m leaving that all up to you.

The Logic Of Life PDF Free Download

It won’t be hard. I think you’re pretty good at figuring out how to live your own life.

But I hope that the beliefs and philosophies presented in this book will give you inspiration. And I hope this will help you find ways to derive more enjoyment and success from your life than whatever you’re getting now.

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