The Real History Behind The Templars PDF Free Download

What if the Knights Templar pulled off one of history's greatest coups and nobody knew it?
Wozzeck synopsis. Conventional history claims that in 1118 nine men formed the Knights Templar in Jerusalem. But what if it can be proved that the Order existed a decade earlier on the opposite side of Europe, that the aim to protect pilgrims was a smokescreen, and that in league with the monks of the Order of Cister, and the secretive Order of Sion, the Templars executed one of history’s most daring and covert operations: the creation of Europe’s first independent nation-state, Portugal?
Backed by 800 references, many from rare sources, this book not only discovers the previously unknown origins of Templar history, it also reveals the motivation behind a small group of men to create a country from scratch, far from the grasp of the Vatican, where they taught an initiation ritual practiced in Egypt over 4000 years ago, in which initiates were declared ‘risen from the dead’ — a secret the Templars protected to the death, a secret which could instigate a major social change and for which the Church has silenced millions.
This investigative and engaging historical story not only places the intrepid knights in a previously unknown time and place, it reappraises the true origin of the Grail, its real meaning, and reveals its exact location, hidden in plain sight to this very day.
An original, eye-opening account that will engage and surprise even the most seasoned Templar enthusiasts.

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The Real History Behind The Templars Pdf free. download full

The Real History Behind The Templars PDF Free Download

The Real History Behind The Templars Pdf Free Download Free

History: The Knights Templar The Knights Templar formed in the 1000s AD and were sanctioned by the Pope in 1128. However, the power and rituals of the Knights soon began to unnerve both the Pope and the King of France, who tried to overthrow the Order through persecution and arrests. Webster tells us more. The truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). Here then, is the shocking truth: 1. Christ was not born on December 25th. Although Christians everywhere observe this day as the birthdate of Christ, we know that He was definitely not born on December 25th, nor at any time during the winter season. At least two factors make this.