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Download Free PDF. Characteristics of Victorian Literature. Download Full PDF Package. Attacked major mid-Victorian idols 3. Satirized family life, particularly the self-righteousness of Victorian father 4. No answers to our problems –. This delightful little collection tells of those days in their own words, and evokes sentiments which every cyclist will find timeless. Compiled edited and introduced by Sarah A. Chrisman, author of the charming Tales of Chetzemoka cycling club series, This Victorian Life, Victorian Secrets, and others.

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  2. DAILY LIFE IN VICTORIAN ENGLAND Recent Titles in The Greenwood Press “Daily Life Through History” Series Immigrant America, 1820–1870 James M. Bergquist Pre-Columbian Native America Clarissa W. Confer Post-Cold War Stephen A. Bourque The New Testament James W. Ermatinger The Hellenistic Age: From Alexander to Cleopatra James Allan Evans Imperial Russia Greta Bucher The Greenwood.
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The works of
Sarah A. Chrisman

Fiction and Non-fiction Books
about the Victorian era,
including the internationally acclaimed
Tales of Chetzemoka

Behind the scenes of the Tales of Chetzemoka
​Tales of Chetzemoka merchandise

Victorian Cycles
Hand-built 1890's-style bicycles, crafted by Gabriel Chrisman

Interested in a real time machine? Commission one of our 1890s-style custom bicycles! Custom, hand-made steel frames with wooden fenders and chainguards, leather saddles and cork grips. Whether you are interested in a roadster or a racer, we can build you the period bicycle of your dreams.

Historical Consulting
with the Chrismans

'From my earliest boyhood, ancient wearing apparel, old household and kitchen utensils, and antique furniture, have appealed to me with peculiar force, telling facts and relating incidents to me in such a plain, homely but graphic manner of the every-day life of our ancestors, that I look upon them more as text-books than as curiosities; for it is only by the light of truth reflected from these objects that we are enabled to. . . pierce the. . . fiction with which the perspective of years surrounds the commonest objects of those remote times.'
—Beard, Dan C.
'Six Feet of Romance.' The Cosmopolitan. July, 1889. p. 226.

Tales of Chetzemoka
In a seaport town in the late 19th-century Pacific Northwest, a group of friends find themselves drawn together —by chance, by love, and by the marvelous changes their world is undergoing. In the process, they learn that the family we choose can be just as important as the ones we're born into. Join their adventures in


First Wheel in Town:
A Victorian Cycling Club Romance​​

In the summer of 1881, a Pacific Northwest town is buzzing with curiosity over a mysterious package received by handsome young Dr. Brown. Kitty Butler, the town dressmaker, is as curious as anyone else. She only knows one thing about that crate in the post office: everyone else's guesses about its contents are all wrong.
When Dr. Brown unpacks the crate and reveals the first bicycle the town has ever seen, he wants to share his enthusiasm for this revolutionary new piece of technology —but encounters overwhelming hostility instead of the excitement he'd expected. The only one who seems positively interested is the pretty young widow Kitty Butler, and Dr. Brown soon realizes how much he needs her support…

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Love Will Find A Wheel:
A Victorian Cycling Club Romance

'I'm sure he'll be glad you're here —once he gets used to it.'
When Jacob Simmons arrives in Washington Territory in the summer of 1882 and receives a glacial reception from his uncle Silas, he appreciates Dr. Brown's encouraging prediction but doesn't have much faith in it. Jacob's not even sure Silas will have time to get used to his presence, let alone consider him welcome. If the young man can't meet the draconian requirements of a contract with his business investors, he'll face exile and financial ruin, thus fulfilling old Silas' prediction that he would be just as dismal a failure as his father. His whole future rests on finding a market for a remarkable new machine —and he'll need help selling them.
Addie Kellam is an incredibly lonely young woman. She's more comfortable with books than with other people, yet she longs for the sort of romance she reads about in stories. It's something she fears she'll never experience herself, since even friendship seems elusive. She envies the cameraderie her brother finds in his cycling club, but the only bicycles in the town of Chetzemoka are specifically designed for men. There aren't any wheels for women anywhere —are there?

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A Rapping At The Door:
A Victorian Cycling Club Suspense Story

When the delivery of a mysterious letter to Silas Hayes' mansion is followed by the arrival of a beautiful young woman who claims she can communicate with the dead, Nurse McCoy sniffs trouble in the wind. It's obvious to her that the newcomer is after Silas' fortune, but he is helplessly in awe of the medium's eerily intimate knowledge of his past and her seemingly supernatural abilities. Meanwhile, Kitty Brown's yearning to reach out to the departed spirit of her first love is making her push away her new husband, just when she needs him the most. The whole situation is a dreadful mess, and McCoy's got to straighten it all out before Silas' nephew and his bride come back from their honeymoon. Honestly, she doesn't know how any of the fools in this world would get along without her…

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Delivery Delayed:
A Victorian Cycling Club Romance

It's obvious to everyone in the Chetzemoka cycling club that Lizzie and Isaac could make each other very happy —but does anyone really listen to their friends about affairs of the heart? A prim schoolmarm and a stoic steamship captain are hardly the people to discuss their sentiments, especially with each other. The smallest challenges seem like huge obstacles, even with everyone else trying their best to bring them together. When progress finally seems possible, a well-intentioned little girl steps in with the kind of help they'd be better off without. Will the situation be resolved in time, or will Isaac ship out for good?

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A Trip and a Tumble
Time for a vacation —step right up! When Felix's newspaper sends him up to Victoria, Canada, to report on a visiting circus, Ken inevitably tags along, 'like a dutiful puppy', as Addie says. Meanwhile, the cycling company Jacob represents sends him north to Victoria as well, as an ambassador for the sport. Addie tells him to keep an eye on the chums, but no one ever could keep Ken and Felix from stumbling into scrapes. When a vivacious high-society belle and a surprisingly timid circus bicyclist enter the picture, things heat up quickly. Be prepared for a grand circus pageant —let the show begin!


Love's Messenger
A Choice Collection of
Victorian Love Poetry

The verses embraced within these pages have been kissed awake after a long slumber. Copied from the fragile pages of nineteenth-century books and magazines, they are the whispers of lovers long entranced. In this beautifully diverse collection of Victorian love poetry high-born ladies and their eloquent beaux keep company with simple maids whose sweethearts pledge their love in simpler —and often much funnier— terms. Prepare for your happy sighs to be joined by occasional giggles while you hold this book close to your heart.
Compiled, edited and introduced by Sarah A. Chrisman, author of the charming Tales of Chetzemoka historical fiction series, This Victorian Life, Victorian Secrets, and others.

Words For Parting
Victorian Poetry on Death and Mourning

Love and grief and the two most private, and at the same time the most universal of all human emotions. It is for love that we remember the dead: love of their spirits, love of their vibrancy, love of the good deeds which they did and which live on after them. The poems in this collection were all written by grieving hearts who have now themselves passed over into that great mystery. We can not truly know what death is, yet we know it will come to all of us. In ancient times when a friend told the philosopher Socrates that his judges had sentenced him to death he responded, 'And has not Nature passed the same sentence on them?'
Inasmuch as there can ever be any comfort for those left behind, part of it lies in knowing that death is a reflection of life. When it comes we cry, then we take our first faltering steps towards understanding. In time we become accustomed to this manifold enigma which nature has given us, and then ultimately we look towards the future with hope.

If this little book of poems may be of some help to those in sorrow by reminding them they are not alone, then it will have done its work.

Compiled and edited by Sarah A. Chrisman, author of the Tales of Chetzemoka series, This Victorian Life, and others.


The Wheelman's Joy
Victorian Cycling Poetry and Words About Wheels

There is something inherently romantic about cycling, and there has been since the first riders set their wheels to the road. This collection of nineteenth-century poetry, prose quotes and bon-mots about cycling reflects both the ardent passion and the innocent affection cycling inspires. From the glory days of high-wheel cycling through the boom of the safety bicycle, riders were falling in love with their wheels, with new-found freedoms, and above all with each other. This delightful little collection tells of those days in their own words, and evokes sentiments which every cyclist will find timeless. Compiled edited and introduced by Sarah A. Chrisman, author of the charming Tales of Chetzemoka cycling club series, This Victorian Life, Victorian Secrets, and others.

Quotations of Quality
A Commonplace Book of Victorian Advice, Wit, and Observations on Life

Eloquent statements are like the seeds of beautiful flowers: in the fertile garden of the mind they grow and blossom into inspiration, reflection, and rewarding conversations. The Victorian era was a time when people expressed themselves skillfully and beautifully, and the writings of that age are a rich legacy from the past. This little volume is a collection of sentiments on an array of subjects, among them:
Books: 'A minute's reading often provokes a day's thinking.' —W.H. Venable, 1872. 'Books are those faithful mirrors that reflect to our minds the minds of sages and heroes. A good book is the precious life-blood of a master spirit treasured up on a purpose for a life beyond.' —J.F. Spaunhurst, 1896.
Writing: 'Every new book must have, in the consciousness of its author, a private history that, like the mysteries of romance, would if unfolded have an interest for the reader, and by unveiling the inner life of the volume show its character and tendencies.' —Sarah Josepha Hale, 1866.
Language: 'The [Ancient] Greeks said that barbarians did not speak, they twittered.' —Charles DeKay, 1898.
The Sexes: 'It is better for men, it is better for women, that each somewhat idealize the other.' —Gail Hamilton, 1872.
Love: 'True love is that which ennobles the personality, fortifies the heart, and sanctifies the existence. And the being we love must not be mysterious and sphinx-like, but clear and limpid as a diamond; so that admiration and attachment may grow with knowledge.' —Henry Frédéric Amiel, 1880.
Optimism: 'Refuse to dwell among shadows when there is so much sunshine in the world.' —Hester M. Poole, 1888.
History: 'The past is our wisest and best instructor. In its dim and shadowy outlines we may, if we will, discern in some measure those elements of wisdom which should guide the present and secure the welfare of the future.' —Frederick Douglass, 1889.
Work: 'Make the most of your brain and your eyes, and let no one dare tell you that you are devoting yourself to a low sphere of action.' —Anonymous, late 19th-century
Keep this book in a place where its wisdom can refresh your spare moments, or buy a copy for a friend to brighten their day. May the flowers of thought thus planted bear rich fruit for you.
​Compiled and edited by Sarah A. Chrisman, author of The Tales of Chetzemoka, This Victorian Life, and others.

A Bouquet of Victorian Roses

'What flower did she most resemble?… A rose! Certainly… strong, vigorous, self-asserting… yet shapely, perfect in outline and development, exquisite, enchanting in its never fully realized tints, yet compelling the admiration of every one, and recalling its admirers again and again by the unspoken appeal of its own perfection—its unvarying radiance.' —John Habberton, 1876.
All hail the Queen of Flowers! In this collection of Victorian writings on roses, brief prose remarks, lovely poetry and engaging short stories are gathered together —all with nature's most perfect blossom as their central theme. From poetry on the fragrant beauty of roses, to tales ranging from a ghost story about roses as omens to a romance of love among the roses, this collection will delight anyone who dreams of being surrounded by roses. A perfect gift for weddings, birthdays… or your own sunny afternoon!
​ Compiled and edited by Sarah A. Chrisman, author of the Tales of Chetzemoka series and others.

True Ladies and Proper Gentlemen


Victorian Secrets:
What A Corset Taught Me About the Past, the Present, and Myself

This Victorian Life:
Modern Adventures in Nineteenth-Century Culture, Cooking, Fashion, and Technologies



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Quick Quote from 1889: 'Among the earliest…'


​'Among the earliest ambitions to be excited in clerks, workmen, journeymen, and indeed, among all that are struggling up in life from nothing to something, is that of owning, and constantly adding to, a library of good books.'
—Anonymous, 1889.
Zion's Home Monthly, January 15, 1889. p. 198.

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​'The first step is to establish a regulated economy of your time, so that without interference with a due attention to business and to health, you may get two clear hours every day for reading of the best kind. It is not much, some men would tell you that it is not enough, but I purposely fix the expenditure of time at a low figure because I want it to be practicable consistently with all the duties and necessary pleasures of your life.'
—Philip Gilbert Hamerton, 1885.
The Intellectual Life, 1885, p. 204.

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​'One may understand and not read well; no one can read well and not understand.'
—W.H. Venable, 1872.
'Something About Libraries, Books, and Reading.' The National Teacher. October, 1872, p. 382.

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​'The books that help you most, are those which make you think the most, —The hardest way of learning is that of easy reading; but a great book that comes from a great thinker is a ship of thought, deep freighted with truth and beauty.'
—Theodore Parker, 1891.
A Dictionary of Thoughts, 1891. p. 49.

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​'Thoughts come maimed and plucked of plumage from the lips, which, from the pen, in the silence of your own leisure and study, would be born with far more beauty.'
—Lady Blessington, 19th-century.
A Dictionary of Thoughts, 1891. p. 639.

Quotations of Quality