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I purchased several hundreds of the TI - BA35 for my students in Business Math and Statistics. This was by far the easiest Business Calculator to compute financial functions. The BA II was too complicated to compute the exact same financial functions. I retired 2 1/2 years ago. Mini vci j2534 driver for windows 10 64 bit. At that time the TI - BA35 was no longer available in the stores. Staples.com: Texas Instruments BA II PLUS Professional Financial Calculator with fast and free shipping on select orders. Get Great Deals at Amazon Here: BA II Plus Professional Calculator: to Setup - TI BA II Plus Professional. ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about BA II Plus™ Financial Calc. Download BA II Plus™ Financial Calc and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎See the capabilities of the most advanced financial calculator from Texas Instruments — the BA II Plus™ Professional calculator.

Finance Educator Support Program

TI offers a special program to educators in the U.S. or Canada who recommend the BA II PLUS™ or BA II PLUS™ PROFESSIONAL financial calculator to their classes. Our Finance Educator Support Program will send you a FREE BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL calculator and Emulator Software for use with your classroom PC and projection system. Your students can then follow along as you teach. They will be able to see the lessons projected in full color onto a screen or wall.

Online Ti Ba Ii Plus Simulator

To apply for the BAII PLUS PROFESSIONAL calculator and emulator, you may submit your application and syllabus online or download the application to submit by mail or fax. Participation is open to US and Canadian educators with a valid US or Canadian address. We can not ship to PO Boxes.

Texas Instruments - TI-xx Series Emulators

CalcEmTI-82,TI-83 A basic and no-nonsense representation of the original.
Classic99Classic99 is a freeware TI-99/4A emulator for Windows 9x. Classic99 runs most of the existing ROMs, some of which are bundled with the package, under license from Texas Instruments. Source code is included in the zip.
Emu-92TI-92 Features twice as much memory as a real TI-92, automatic state saving and loading, and a choice of four different color schemes. Requires that BIOS ROM image be named 'ti92mod.bin.'
EMU83TI-83 Very good compatibility with speed throttling for games, and a good debugger.
Emulator86TI-86 One of the more accurate emulators. Features file-loading support with (and without) a Graph-Link, screen shots, and a debug mode.
TI-83 Plus Development ToolsTI-83 The official development release from Texas Instruments.
TI-8x emulatorTI-8x Multiple machine support: TI-82, -83, -85, and -86. Quite a few features including graphlink support, speed control, and a debugger.
TI99/4WThis emulator emulates the TI-99 calculator. That is about all I know about it.
TIemuTiEmu is a multi-platform emulator for TI89 / TI89 Titanium / TI92 / TI92+ / V200PLT hand-helds.
TigerTI-92 Support for ROM in 1MB-2MB sizes, 128K and 256K RAM, and Fargo.
TIGraphTI-85 Features a virtual keypad interface instead of redefining keys, and is very stable. Also uses very few system resources compared to its competitors.
V9T9This is a nice, but no longer supported by its author, TI-99 emulator for DOS. It runs most TI-99 games and programs but it might be a bit hard to get to work on newer machines, since it involves some config file editing.
This is a fix for the emulator if it doesn't detect your computer as faster than a 386.
This is the source code for V9T9.
You'll need these TI-99 ROMs for the emulator to be able to run games and BASIC and all that other neat stuff.
Virtual 86TI-86 Improved documentation, but still has compatibility issues.
Virtual TITI-8x Emulates the TI-82, -83, -83 Plus, -85, -86, -89, -92, -92 Plus, and -92 II calculators. Features a debugger, and is very fast.
Win994a TI-99/4A SimulatorWin994a is a TI-99/4A simulator written by Cory Burr that installs and runs in the Windows environment. It was written to simulate the TI-99/4A, not to emulate it perfectly.

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