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  • Three themes emerge from Lawrence’s work as the former CFO of Pixar and his current work with the Juniper Foundation that he applies to the current state of physician burnout today:

    • 1. We can change the narrative of medicine from one that values perfectionism to one that values balance.

    • 2. We need to carve out time for self-care.

    • 3. The system is a problem; however, we can continue to work on ourselves even before the system completely changes.

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  • Lawrence is a lawyer by training who worked as CFO of Pixar with Steve Jobs, before eventually getting into meditation by founding the Juniper Foundation. He and Todd, an internist and medical educator, connected around the issue of physician burnout.

  • Three major themes around medical culture and the work of clinicians:

    • 1. The narrative of medicine is out of sync with the realities of medicine

      • Until we change the narrative of physicians as infallible, we cannot change the reality of constant pressure and fear of being wrong

      • Overemphasis on IQ over EQ when humans are emotional beings first

    • 2. Physicians spend far too little time on self-care and self-nurturing

      • Self-care must be a continuous habit of self-nurturing and mutual support just like food or exercise

      • Check-box yoga or meditation is not the answer → building time into the day and committing to self-care is how such practices can be sustainable

    • 3. While we need to change the system to address burnout, we can’t wait to also change ourselves

  • Things Lawrence learned from journey to Pixar and then to Juniper:

    • Pixar’s narrative needed to change from one of a graphic technology company to an entertainment company

    • Companies like Pixar create amazing things through the tensions between people (ie: technology people and creative people) and a culture of collaboration enables this tension to create amazing things

    • There were costs to high-performance culture: high levels of stress/anxiety, living life as a race and low levels of meaning/self-worth/joy/fun. These costs led Lawrence to explore anecdotes to them in Eastern philosophy and meditation. He found the key is figuring out how to master the outer world and inner self.

  • The Middle Way:

    • 2500 year old philosophy of harmony that states humans do better when in harmony with the inner and outer worlds. Suffering comes from one extreme or another (ie: too much of the bureaucrat or too much of the artist in all of us)

    • From an organizational perspective it means putting some structure in place to keep the momentum going without stifling the artist spirit too much


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This is the extraordinary story of what happened next: how Jobs and Levy concocted and pulled off a highly improbable plan that transformed Pixar into one of Hollywood’s greatest success stories. Levy offers a masterful, firsthand account of how Pixar rose from humble beginnings, what it was like to work so closely with Jobs, and how Pixar’s story offers profound lessons that can apply to many aspects of our lives.

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