Vanilla Wow Mac Client Download

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Please read the instructions through once before beginning!

We have tested this old client and it has bugs! These instructions, if followed, will help you avoid most common issues entirely!

Getting Started

Download Client

  • Download the client for your PC

The realmlist is already set in these clients but if you already have a client set your realmlist to:

Run Your Client

  • Unzip your client anywhere you like, just remember where it is!
  • Run WoW on Microsoft Windows
    • Simply Run WoW.exe
  • Run WoW on Mac
    • Right click World of, it opens as a folder
    • Open the Contents folder, then the MacOS folder
    • You will see a file called World of Warcraft, run it
  • If asked to update hardware changes I recommend choosing ‘No’
  • Under Addons choose ‘Enable out of date addons’

Windows Bug Alert (Black Screen)!

  • Exit the client, do not create a character yet!
  • In your WoW client directory, open the file WTFConfig with notepad
  • At the bottom of the file, on a new line, add the entry
  • SET gxWindow '1'
  • Save and exit the file

Create Your Character

  • Start your client
  • Create your character
  • After first login, exit client and restart
  • this is a required step to update your stats after getting instant 60!

Change Your Graphics Settings

  • Hit Escape -> Video Settings
  • If you monitor has a resolution greater than 1080p you will need to play in windowed mode!
    • Choose windowed mode and clicl ‘apply’
    • Set the game resolution and refresh rate to match your desktop
    • Under multisampling choose 24 bit color and depth. For best quality choose 8x for performance choose 1x
    • If you want to play full screen, select the ‘maximized’ box
  • All other settings are personal pref, I always disable ‘full screen glow’ shader
  • Click ‘apply’

QoL Interface Settings

  • Hit Escape -> Interface Options -> Basic Tab
    • Adjust Mouse sensitivity if needed
    • Select Auto Self Cast
    • Select Enhanced Tooltips
    • Select Player Guild Names and Player Titles
    • Show or hide Helm/Cloak if desired
    • Select Instant Quest Text
    • Select Buff Durations
    • I prefer Camera Follow Sytle: Never
    • Adjust Mouse Look Speed and Max Camera Distance
  • Hit Escape -> Interface Options -> Advanced Tab
    • Under Raid and Party select Show Target of Target: Always
    • All other options here are personal pref

Gearing Up

  • There are vendors behind where you first zone into Ironforge
    1. Train your weapons at the guy who looks like Herod
    2. Train and buy a mount from the Pack Mule
    3. Train your ablilities at your class trainer
    4. Learn your talents
    5. Gear is purchasable from your class trainer
    6. Goblins near the Mule do librams/enchants
    7. Pick up consumes and professions from the second pair of goblins


  • Ony bags can be purchased from the ‘Miscellaneous’ Goblin
  • Filter out unavailable skills at your trainer so you can spam-click learn
Wow vanilla client download


  • You can exit your client and safely delete WDB, WTF, and Interface folders but beware this will remove your binds and addons.
  • If you need to preserve your keybinds backup the file WTFAccount<youraccount>
  • If that does not solve your issue please contact Hatredcopter on Discord.

Full Repair Settings for Mac client not from my link

Wow Classic Mac Client Download

  1. Change the name of WoW to World of
  2. Delete the WDB folder
  3. In the WTF folder, delete the file
  4. Make sure that the World of Warcraft folder is read.write, including subfolders. GetInfo can do this.
  5. Check that file only contains set realmlist and that it has not acquired a .txt ending
  6. Right click World of, it opens as a folder. Open the Contents folder, then the MacOS folder. You will see a file called World of Warcraft
  7. Right click that file, WoW should open as well as Terminal
  8. If that works, make an alias of the World of Warcraft file and put it somewhere handy, easier than opening the package.


Do not use your actual WoW info on the pserver!!!

Here is my Checksum dump of the windows client:

Still looking for Mac checksums. I also hooked up Wireshark to the client to make sure nothing funny was going on and it was clean. I am hosting the clients I have up on my personal google drive with 2FA so they should be totally clean. If anyone got clients from somewhere else I would check them out before using.

Vanilla Wow Mac Client Download Windows 7

The only inbound ports open on the server side are WoW ports and I scanned it for outgoing nonsense and I ran it through an open source malware scanner (the github source) and found nothing suspicious. Bella twins memoir.