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  1. Wechat groups are an amazing resource to connect East and West, to turn slow email correspondence into hyper fast business deals – and we are excited to help facilitate the Wechat groups to grow your international business.
  2. Tencent is dedicated to being a “digital assistant”. Through cutting-edge Internet infrastructure and technologies, including Cloud, AI, Big Data Analytics, Security, Payment, Mini Programs, LBS and others, we can help various industries upgrade to digital, and build smart business solutions.

Are you looking to market your business, products & services to China?

Creating a WeChat Official Account with a local Chinese company: Most of WeChat Official Accounts are created using a local Chinese Business License (on the WeChat Official Account website: The main requirements to create such an account are: Business license of a company in China (营业执照). WeChat users by occupation. Source: TechNode. WeChat for brands. WeChat has become as much a place to do business as a social media app. A solid proportion of users of WeChat official accounts report being able to cut costs through their usage of the platform, as opposed to using propriety apps. 83% were satisfied with their use of WeChat. Nov 29, 2020 In WeChat you can locate, order and pay for your meal simultaneously without any verbal communication. Given these trends, China is a different playbook for multinational companies.

Are you looking to market your business, products & services to China? Drupal php 7.4. As a business owner or sales professional, you will learn how to operate a basic personal WeChat Account, opening up a Public Account, and how to operate on the account.

Intended for: general interest, individual sales, entrepreneurs

Duration: 8 hrs

MaximumParticipants: 12

Cost: $998, in person only

  1. What is Wechat, how individuals use Wechat (1 hrs)
  2. Subscription vs Service Accounts (1 hrs)
  3. Managing Subscription Accounts (2 hrs)
  4. Setting up your Account (2 hrs)
  5. Tying every together – Websites, Payment Gateway, Marketing (2 hrs)

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Chinese Internet Ecosystem

Understand the current state of affairs and how WeChat has become the most popular application in China amongst both Chinese businesses and mainstream populations.

Individual WeChat Account

Learn to operate the basic individual WeChat account. The module will go through the user interface, adding friends/clients/suppliers using QR code, sending contents such as text, voice, images, videos, and red pockets, as well as adding group chats.

WeChat Public Accounts

Wechat Business

Learn about different types of public accounts, which include service accounts, and subscription accounts. We will also go over the basic operations of a WeChat subscription account.

Websites, Payment Gateway, Marketing

Learn about how to integrate WeChat marketing into your business – how to gain fans, payment gateway, and other marketing needs to target the right audience.– case studies

Now is the best time to take action with WeChat marketing.

I learned a lot about the habits and buying habits that the Chinese market tends to have. There are a lot of the barriers of opening a WeChat business account and I learned how to get around that.

I Recommend this course to anyone involved in marketing because traditional social media marketing such as Facebook or Instagram is not accessible in China. WeChat is a huge untapped resource and a gold mine for Western company.

Wechat Business Model

Now I can impress my client and communicate with them

They know absolutely everything that WeChat can do, which is amazing!
Now I can impress my client and communicate with them. For real estate agents this is amazing. They teach us how to see how many viewers you have, gain likes, and connect to million to potential clients.
I highly recommend this to realtors who are in the business to get onto WeChat.

WeChat starts off as a chat platform but can be so much to that

I used WeChat personally before but not really for business. It’s been cool to learn about the different opportunities that we can expand to the big Asian market.
WeChat starts off as a chat platform but can be so much to that.

For anybody that’s looking to expand and approach the Asian market.