Why Does Microsoft Word Run So Slow On Mac


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The not so obvious solution I have found for this is to use Google’s public DNS address. Here is how you do it. Here is how you do it. Launch System Preferences and go to Network Advanced. Leo thinks George's hard drive may be at fault here. A sector on the disk may be hard to read and the OS is taking the time to do that. Sometimes it gives up or it gets the data it wants. So the hard drive may be starting to go bad. George should check out Process Explorer from Microsoft SysInternals. Also, if he happens to have SpinRite in his.

Why Does Microsoft Word Run So Slow On Macbook

Make Use of The PowerMyMac to Optimize Your Computer’s Performance. The PowerMyMac is the. Similar to Microsoft Word, you can export a page as pdf, Word file, EPUB file, plain text, and rich text bearing fancy elements. Apple also allows you to share the documents to Apple Books.

Macs don't come with that type of apps, so you have to purchase them. There are three options, but there are more if you want to have a look at these applications:

- Office for Mac > http://www.microsoft.com/mac

- Apple iWork, in the Mac App Store.

- LibreOffice > http://www.libreoffice.org

Why Does Microsoft Word Run So Slow On Mac Computer

All of them are paid apps except LibreOffice, so you can start testing this application. Macs come with TextEdit, a basic text application that won't meet the requirements you want

Why Does Microsoft Word Run So Slow On Mac

May 28, 2013 10:24 AM