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Winamp.ini and winamp.m3u store the settings and location of most recently played file respectively, and they're located in C:/Program Files (x86)/Winamp Right, so here's the thing. I have a mIRC script that reads Winamp's activity, and can show what song I am playing. Grip is a GTK-based CD-player and CD-ripper / MP3 encoder. It has the ripping capabilities of cdparanoia built in, but can also use external rippers (such as cdda2wav). Encoder presets are provided for oggenc, bladeenc, lame, l3enc, xingmp3enc, mp3encode, gogo, flac, faac and opusenc. The main developers can be found in #grip on Freenode. Yes, we skipped a version number for the following reasons: a) Winamp 5 combines the best aspects of Winamp 2 and Winamp 3 into one player. Hence Winamp 2 + Winamp 3 = Winamp 5! B) Who the hell wants to see a Winamp 4 Skin:P c) We think that a Fibonacci sequence for versioning might be pretty damn cool. D)We improved so much in Winamp 5 that.

FLAC Ripping with WINAMP

First download the FREE version Winamp:
Watch out that you only INSTAL winamp not the other stuff what’s added.

*note: be sure that the folder is written in ROMANJI and not in Japanese where you want to put FLAC/WAV/WMA/OGG… files.

Put the CD you want to rip into your PC and klick on “RIP -> Ripping Preferences… ”

CD Ripping ->
Select: FLAC Emcoder v2.41 (libFLAC v1.3.0)
FLAC Encoder Options: -> Best Compression.

Put the: “Maximum speed at which winamp should rip CDs:” at 1x


then select close.

Klick one time more on RIP and select “RIP ALL TRACKS”
And Winamp rips without any problem your CD to FLAC.

– You can also rip to WAV and WMA lossless for free. Just use the higest settings.
If you are not sure be free to ASK me.

So no need to purchase any programm.
However what to do if you want to have MP3 files?

Winamp Cannot Open Encoder Free

No problem for that I have a pefect free and easy solution.
Not everything is free, however to convert flac to 320kbps yes it’s free

The program is called: Switch Audio File Converter Software
And can be downloaded here:

Get it Free. A free version of Switch is available for non-commercial use. The free audio converter does not expire and includes most common audio file formats. Download the free version here.

Also also watch out that you only instal the program no need to accept stupid toolbars etc.

After the installation drag or add your FLAC, WAV, WMA or any other lossess file inside of Switch Sound.
Then choose OUTPUT Format: mp3
Then click on ENCODER OPTIONS.
Then you can choose your settings.
I always use this settings which you can see in the image.
But it’s also very easy to make a VBR rip.

After that, check your files in your saved folder.

And then you have made a perfect rip!.

my spectrograms!
You simply almost see no difference between MP3 320 and FLAC.

Winamp Cannot Open Encoder Without

questions are always welcome.

So your station is all set. The autoDJ is loaded with music. Now you want to broadcast live from your computer instead.

Lets download Winamp first: Download Winamp

Install Winamp after download and finish the install wizard. Winamp will now likely open. You now need to close it

Now we need to download the DSP Plugin: Download DSP Plugin


Once the DSP is installed click ‘Finish’

Winamp will now open with the plugin running in the background.

Let’s configure the plugin

Click on the ‘Output’ tab on the dsp plugin

Insert your Server IP into the Server Address field (Your server IP can be found on your control panel dashboard)

Insert your Server Port in the Port field (Your server port can be found on your control panel dashboard)

Insert your password (The password is also found in the control panel dashboard with all of the above)

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Winamp Cannot Find Decoder

Donotenter a username and make sure that you tick the box to ‘Use Shoutcast v1 mode’

Click the ‘Directory’ subtab and enter your radio station name into the ‘Name’ field

Click on the ‘Encoder’ subtab and set the encoder to ‘MP3’ and the bitrate to 128kbps. (If your account allows you can set a higher bitrate if you like)

Winamp Cannot Open Encoder File

Now click on ‘Connect’

Congratulations! You are now broadcasting live from Winamp.

To add some music into Winamp return to the main Winamp window. Click the small + icon in the media library. Then click ‘Add Files’.

Winamp Cannot Open Encoder Video

Select some music files from your computer and they will show in the Winamp media library, then double click on a track for it to play.

Winamp Server

When you are finished with your live broadcast return to the DSP plugin window and press ‘Disconnect’. At this stage your live broadcast will automatically be terminated and your autoDJ will resume.