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  1. Winamp Download is a free multimedia player made by Nullsoft. It supports numerous audio and video formats. It also plays streamed video and audio content, both live and recorded, authored worldwide.
  2. Download the latest version of Winamp for Mac. One of the best multimedia players now available on Mac. Winamp has been one of the quintessential media players.

Winamp Mac free download, and many more programs.

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  • Equalizer - Parallel Rendering v.1.0Equalizer is the standard middleware to create parallel OpenGL-based applications. Please visit for current development ..
  • Winamp TV Guide v.0.1Small PHP script to get Winamp tv listnings. Using this script + xine or mplayer you can play winamp tv streams in ..
  • Equalizer - Parallel Rendering for Mac OS v.0.9.1The standard middleware to create and deploy parallel OpenGL-based applications. It enables applications to benefit from multiple graphics cards, processors and computers to scale rendering performance, visual quality and display size. - Subpixel ..
  • JEQ - Java Stereo Equalizer v.1.01JEQ is class library written in pure Java. It implements the infinite impulse response (IIR) algorithm for bandpass filtering of sound stream. So, it represents a backend code for stereo 10/15/25/31-band ..
  • MEqualizer for Mac OS X v.5.06MEqualizer is a 6-band equalizer with increadibly fast and easy controls. FEATURES: · 7 filter types for each band. · Smooth visualisation of resulting frequency response. All parameters are adjustable from the graph. · Enable, Q, and ..
  • MFreeformEqualizer for Mac OS X v.5.05MFreeformEqualizer is a FFT based linear-phase equalizer which can provide virtually any frequency response and may save you when other methods have failed. Using MFreeformEqualizer you can literally draw any frequency response you may want. You can ..
  • MDynamicEq for Mac OS X v.5.06MDynamicEq is the perfect 'go-to' parametric equalizer, combining an incredible versatility with ease-of-use to produce a really musical sound. Inspired by the analog world, but taking advantage of the digital! The Adjustable Slope Filter (MASF) ..
  • MAutoEqualizer for Mac OS X v.5.05The MAutoEqualizer VST plugin was developed to be the world's first true parametric (linear-phase) equalizer providing spectral matching! FEATURES: The best audio quality out there: · Parametric equalization provided by MAutoEqualizer cannot ..
  • MAutoDynamicEq for Mac OS X v.5.06MAutoDynamicEq is the ultimate 'go-to' parametric equalizer, that combines astonishing versatility with ease-of-use to produce a really musical sound. Inspired by the analog world, but taking advantage of the digital! The Adjustable Slope Filter ..
  • Voxengo Span for Mac OS X v.2.2SPAN is a real-time 'sfast Fourier transform' audio spectrum analyzer plug-in for professional music and audio production applications. For the most part it was derived from Voxengo GlissEQ dynamic parametric equalizer and reproduces its spectrum ..
  • FabFilter Pro-L for Mac OS v.1.0Following the highly acclaimed Pro-C compressor and Pro-Q equalizer, FabFilter now expands their line of professional mastering and mixing plug-ins with the introduction of FabFilter Pro-L: a top quality, feature-packed limiter plug-in suitable for ..
  • Voxengo GlissEQ for Mac OS v.3.2A parametric equalizer AU and VST plugin for professional music production applications. The most interesting and unique feature GlissEQ offers you is its filters with dynamic behavior. While when using a normal equalizer you always get what you ..
  • AudioRefurb for Mac OS v.3.03Allows you to enhance the sound quality of your audio files and apply numerous audio filters such as distortion, delay, reverb, etc. A 31-band graphic equalizer allows very detailed control of the sound of your audio files. All alterations to sounds ..
  • Blue Cat's Parametr'EQ for Mac OS v.3.4A 7 band parametric equalizer combining the advantages of both the digital and analog worlds. Its special non-linear and oversampling features let you easily simulate the compression and distortion that may occur in an analog EQ or on the contrary ..
  • LongPlayer v.1.01LongPlayer is a program that automatically fills your Winamp, XMMS or iTunes playlist. It basically replaces the randomization feature of those media players. Those of you who have converted all of your CD's into mp3's (or wma/ogg/.) and try to ..
  • MSpectralDynamics for Mac OS X v.5.06It can do many things, but it's main feature serves as an ultramodern hi-tech replacement for multiband compressors and loudness maximizers. With top-class features such as custom shape processing it can provide you with a varied and wide range of ..
  • FabFilter Pro-Q for Mac OS X v.1.13FabFilter Pro-Q is designed to help you achieve your sound in the quickest way possible. Via the large interactive EQ display, you can create bands where you need them and select and edit multiple bands at once. Try it yourself! An equalizer is ..
  • MMultiBandReverb for Mac OS X v.5.05The MMultiBandReverb VST plugin will extend possibilities of MReverb and other standard reverbs by processing in up to 6 distinct bands. Together with 4 global modulators it provides more than you could ever imagine with common reverbs.
  • MoreAmp v.rcAudio player, transcoder and cd ripper for Mac OS X, Windows, Unix, and Linux. Plays and creates ogg, flac, mp3, aac, m4a, mp4, wav, and aif, and plays wma. 31-band equalizer, repeat loop, variable pitch/tempo, ram or ramdisk preload, ..
  • Mp3player.el v.1.9Emacs Mode for playing mp3 (and others music files formats) Include winamp compatible playlist edition mode, id3 tag edition mode, volume ..
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Winamp Download Mac

  • Elmedia Player Elmedia Player, a versatile free media player for Mac,
  • Voxengo Span for Mac OS X SPAN is a real-time 'sfast Fourier transform' audio spectrum
  • Equalizer - Parallel Rendering Equalizer is the standard middleware to create parallel
  • ATunes Pro aTunes Pro is a complete program specially developed for
  • Voxengo GlissEQ for Mac OS A parametric equalizer AU and VST plugin for professional
  • MacDJ MacDJ 1.0.2 offers a simple to use, yet sophisticated audio
  • FabFilter Pro-L for Mac OS Following the highly acclaimed Pro-C compressor and Pro-Q
  • MEqualizer for Mac OS X MEqualizer is a 6-band equalizer with increadibly fast and
  • Audacious for Mac Audacious is a audio player with a focus on low resource
  • MDynamicEq for Mac OS X MDynamicEq is the perfect 'go-to' parametric equalizer ,

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